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For forms above cross out spring break date and write in your desired summer 2017 date. 2017 Summer Camp Dates

June 5-9, June 19-23, July 10-14, July 24-28

These camps were started with rescue horses in mind. If we can teach children to be better horse owners, we would help decrease future rescues. Over these past summers we have had much success with the camps. I genuinely feel honored to have touched these children's lives in a positive way and shared my world with them. All of our camps have been huge hits with the children and they have each walked out with a mountain of knowledge. I have been genuinely blessed by the chance to create better horsemen & women of tomorrow. We have had some campers realize owning a horse was far more work then they were ready for. We have also had campers who saw the work and jumped head first, no holds barred, and love every challenge and joy horses bring. To all of my campers, I want to say thank you from my heart for the smiles you have brought me. I deeply thank you for making it feel like what we do makes a difference.

In our camps we cover the following list of activities.......All of these activities listed and riding time 20 hours a week for only $150 dollars for a weeks tuition!

1.Grooming and basic care,first aid and anatomy
2.Nutrition and conditions related to poor nutrition
3.Ground work with the horse including safety around the horse
4.Proper tack up and inspection of gear
5.Proper riding posture/balance and rider safety
6. How to read your horses behavior
7. Learn how to train a horse,not just riding
8. Also other activities (intro. to roping and horseshoes) New this year Archery
9. **Parents Day where kids get to show off their skills the last day of camp**


2017 we will learn how to navigate trail course obstacles. We will be doing a camp each summer from here on so if you are interested please go to our contact page. ** Available 2017 camp dates are listed above * There is a 150 lb weight limit for the safety of our horses.

Camp 2011 - Learn how to train and track (cutting)

  Caitlyn learning to track the flag Caitlyn hatering Riva    Cody stopping Pepsi    3 girls grooming Pepsi for camp    
Emily playing horse shoes                                 Stormie learning to rope     Riley leading Riva


Camp 2008 - Look at the fun!

Watch a video from last day of camp 2008 barrels

Camp 2007 Pictures