Silsbee,Tx Clinic March 13-14

 Trailer Loading

Chris    Horse walked in trailer with ease 

Loading this gelding used to be an all day ordeal. After 20 minutes of respect and leadership drills this gelding loaded over and over again! To which received applause and disbelief from everyone in the crowd who knew this horse!

Working on Respect and Trust


This mare was extremely head shy and would not take a bit and bridle. We made good progress during the clinic and discovered that she was in need of having her teeth floated. We were able to give the owner tips on how to work the mare after she visits the vet.

Standing for the farrier

Horse wouldn't lift back hoovesMare wouldn't lift hooves

 Before coming to the clinic,this mare would not even lift her hooves to be cleaned. After doing some drills on lift and release the mare would lift for her owner and the farrier! As you can see she was able to be trimmed after the clinic.