Barn Must-haves

Before using any of the items below make sure that you know what they are and why you are using them. When in doubt always call your vet for advice. These are many items that are always in my barn plus many more that are not listed here....

1st aid

1. iodine
2. vet wrap
3. gauze
4. duct tape
5. neosporin
6. scissors
7. twitch
8. stock
9. epsom salt
10. tetanus antitoxoid


1. body brush
2. mane/tail brush
3. horse shampoo
4. fly spray
5. bot knife
6. scissors
7. hoof pick
8. adjustable nozzle for bathing
9. sweat scraper
10. curry comb
11. M.T.G.


2.electrolyte paste
3.bute paste
4. fly mask


1. All in one rope halter/lead rope
2. saddle
3. saddle pad
4. bridle or bosal
5. bit
6.riding boots