Horses We've Trained

These are several of the horses that we have trained. Hover over each image to see the full-size version and read a little about how each horse improved after spending training time with us.

This is Charlie Brown I stumbled across this sweet boy and was lucky enough to train him. He was purchased as a first horse for a family. He had the best attitude and made a great horse for the family. The picture here is of his very first saddle he did not even flinch. Charlie became a perfect trail riders horse great gait smooth as can be.

Jet came to us as a 4 year old green broke gelding, and it was our pleasure to put a finish on him. He had such an eager-to-please mindset always willing to work, learned to be supple & collected in his movement, and yielded with gentle ease. Easy light pressure was essential since his owner has several surgeries on his neck and back. So my goal was to create a willing partner that yielded without lots of pressure to make riding him easy despite his injuries. You can read Jet's owners kind words about our services in the testimonials section.

I found Maisy at an auction looking worse for wear. She had rain rot and summer itch so bad that she was missing hair. Head shy is an understatement since Maisy would rear and paw at any movement toward her head. With a lot of patience and love, she became a perfect kids horse, as well as performance horse. When she left here, she could neck rein and do cow work. She is currently a barrel horse for a 15 year old girl in New Mexico.

Cajun was brought to me cause he was "barn sour," which was a bit understated. This boy was not willing to stand for saddle or even stop for that matter. He would crow hop for no reason at all just when the wind blew I suppose. He was also very herd bound and completely unwilling to be alone for a ride. When he left, this boy was sweet and gentle, knew how to neck rein, and would stop on a dime & give change. He lost his idea for being barn sour and was a gentle trail horse for his owner.

Dandy was a 4 year old QH that was started WRONG before his owners purchased him. He had put broke his new owners wrist and sent his wife to the E.R. after just 1 month. He refused to take a bit. His owners had to trick him by shoving in a treat just so they could shove it in his mouth. He also did not stand for farrier and would try to kick you. He was pushy and wanted to run all over you. By the end of 2 months Dandy was standing for farrier,leading correctly, standing with patience and the most impressive taking a bit without any problem!! He was trotting with confidence and no longer bucking and rearing.He even picked up a side pass and had a nice neck rein. His owners learned how to ride and train him properly and receveived tips on how to keep finishing him out. He is now gentle enough that Tim's daughters are both riding him.

Scout was brought to me as a fresh 2 year old. This boy had not even had his feet trimmed before his owners purchased him. When he left here, he could lift all four feet for farrier. He trailer loaded with ease and would stand for each saddle. Scout was every trainers dream; he was extremely smart and accepting. He took his first saddle with no incident and had a rider on his back the first day. By the time he left here, he was so gentle he can just be a perfect trail riders horse. His owner rides him daily around the ranch through every trail condition you can imagine. This guy is so gentle we used him in our children's horsemanship summer camps.

Jade was a bit of challenge because he had been a yard pet for 3 years. He was sweet so long as he was not being asked to do anything. The very first time I lifted his feet to clean them out he reared up and flipped himself over. That was just from something simple as ground manners. His owner swore he was gentle as a lamb but was shocked to see he needed so much work. He had a very stubborn nature and was unwilling to yield control. With patience he came around and was willing to give to cues. He over the time he was with me became a kid proof horse he was also used in our childrens horsemanship classes. The kids loved him to no end because he was so small and easy to mount plus he followed every reining cue. When he left here then he was truely gentle as a lamb.

Cutter was purchased by his owners out of state and he was supposed to be dead broke. He was green broke at best and we spent 2 months putting a neck rein on him and working on his impulsion. He was a well rounded horse when he left.

Darby is a 5 year old QH mare that was originally started as a cutter. Our job was to calm her down and get her trail ready. She stands for the farrier now where she used to have to be aced. She stands without being tied and waits patiently with just a halter or even under saddle. Darby was quite the little firecracker to work with. By the time she left she would cross water go over obstacles, bridges, she trusted her rider. She would walk trot at a steady pace, run and stop without incidence. Look under testimonials for an email from her owner.

Baby Girl was a 2 year old QH filly that we started. She was high bred and high strung, but it wasn't before long that she was coming into line. She learned to stand (nicely) for the farrier while she was here. As well as learned much needed patience. She learned quick and was trotting under cotrol a few days before she went home. She was a pleasure to start and I was sad to see her go after her 30 days here.

China is a 5 year old paint mare. She came to us when her owner was not ready to give up on her. She had not been ridden in many years and was told by other "horsemen" that you would never get the buck out of her! She spent 3 months with us and has not bucked,reared,hopped,thrown her head,etc since she left. I also had the task of getting her ready for her owner a novice rider and giving her owner the skills and confidence to correct her bad behavior so it does not return. She is now neck reining nicely and is at a nice healthy weight (lost her pasture belly)and added muscle tone. She is a willing mare who you can now ride with saddle or bareback. All of her behavior issues have been worked out and is a pleasure to ride. The picture is of China and Apache. We sent Apache (our pony gelding) home with China so she would have a friend and companion. They are also both to be used for a therapy program for children. Also pictured is my clients daughter Brenna who has enjoys riding lessons on Cowboy.

Starbuck is a thoroughbred cross that came here to get some manners put on him. He was hard to catch,spooky,didn't have brakes and no power steering. After spending 2 months here he was a much improved mount and was picking up his neck rein quite well by the time he left. He would lope a consistent circle and stop when asked.