First time to show?

Don't worry.

  1. Let 4M Horse Training know you are going to ride in the show. 
  2. Check to make sure you have the appropriate show clothes.  AND they all fit! 
    1. Show Shirt
    2. Showmanship pants
    3. Chaps
    4. Boots
    5. Nice Saddle pad
  3. Find out what you are riding in, i.e. horsemanship, showmanship, western pleasure or reining.
  4. Pay your final entry fees the week before the show.


2012-2013 Show schedule TBD

Need to buy show clothes??

 AQHA and APHA shows,PAC events  as well as Junior programs

Go to for info on future shows around the Brazos Valley.  

To participate in PAC go here for more info.

Youth world championship show  schedule

Junior Paint Horse Programs

AQHA Show Schedule 2012

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