Kind words about our horse training

Chris and Jenn,

Words could not express how I felt the first day we brought Gracie home. She was a crazy two year old that refused to get out of the trailer, she didn’t know anything, and she was very aware of how big she was. I kept thinking “what did I get myself into” and I thought that I had made a huge mistake. But you never stopped encouraging me and teaching me how to handle her. By working with you on a regular basis, I can look back and see how far Gracie has come. When her head is in the right spot, she willingly stands for grooming, picking her feet, leads respectfully, neck reins, stops off the saddle, moves collected, and gives her all as we continue to teach her new things. . Although she is total opposite of what I set out to buy, I believe Gracie is now the horse I would have bought – thanks to you and the solid foundation you gave her. She is a handful at times, but she is everything and more than I ever wanted. I thoroughly appreciate being a part of Gracie’s training every step of the way – all the way down to me being the first person to ride her – you have done a great job with her. Thanks for all you do to care for her like she was your own, constantly encouraging us to be the best we can, and never letting me give up. I look forward to the future as we continue to prepare her for the 2009 NRHA futurity.

- Blair Williamson
College Station, TX

I have a four year old registered Quarter horse Impressive Jet King. I took him to 4M horse training/Micek Ranch for training in the month of February 2008 . He was green broke at that time I feel he is well trained as I have graft and rods in my back, I now have no fear of riding him. Chris and his wife Jenn I thank you very much

Jim McLoud
Cameron Texas

Hi Chris and Jenn! I just wanted to thank you again for the time you spent training Candy. She's come a long way since I purchased her in May! This mare was in all aspects a wild horse when I bought her, and at 5 yrs old many people thought I was crazy for doing it! Now after spending a couple of months at 4M, she's a calmer more trusting horse with good ground manners. She no longer trys to lay on me while cleaning her feet, she stands for the farrier and loads into a trailer. She also learned to be saddled and mounted, and was beginning to learn to give her neck to the reins when I moved her home. She is a very intelligent, but strong willed horse and it takes the special touch you and Jenn share to teach her. Last week I was able to mount her for the first time and she stood beautifully for me. She is such a magnificant mover that I am filled with anticipation of what you and Jenn can bring out of her (maybe reining or cutting ability !! We've still got some work to do and I can't wait to bring her back to you next fall! Thanks again!

Jessica Bundren
Bryan, TX

Chris and Jenn,

I wanted to thank the two of you for the time you spent with me and Darby over the past 60+ days. The day after we picked her up we set off on some endurance trails. It was one of the most enjoyable days I have had with her. I cleaned her feet with no problem and saddled her right up, which before would have been somewhat of a chore to say the least. She was such a pleasure going through narrow paths, steep terrain, over lots of downed trees and brush and through a swell that had water that spanned approximately 60’, and she was awesome!

Also thanks for the few times that Zane was able to come out with me and spend time learning some ground work and riding Cowboy. I think it gave him a little more confidence in helping out with his own horse at home.

We look forward to working with ya’ll again.

Angela Parton

What people have said about our clinics

Chris & Jenn,

Thanks again for your time with me and Stephen at the horsemanship clinic on Saturday. I learned a lot and enjoyed being out at your place.

I had a good first shopping experience on Sunday looking at the horse in Cleveland, TX. He had a good attitude, good ground manners, good conformation, but his reining wasn't where I wanted it to be yet. Even with direct reins and his leg cues, I couldn't seem to get him to do much. Plus he was trained opposite of how you have horses trained - leg pressure on the opposite side of where you want to turn. I think you got me spoiled with your horses being trained to turn so tight. Haha.

Anyways, I'm still on the market, and it was a good experience. Let me know if you hear of a good horse for me.

Thanks again,
Blair Williamson
College Station, TX

Hi Chris and Jenn,

It's been way too long, but I wanted to thank you for the horse clinic I took from you a couple of months ago. I've been working with Chip using the methods you showed me and he's made a lot of progress. I also took him to a two-day clinic last month, and we both learned a lot there as well. He hasn't had any loading problems at all for a long time, and he is much quieter and responsive. He walks/trots from a kiss, and he is starting to become better at responding to leg cues.

Thanks, and good luck with your horse training and expanding your operations at 4M. Thanks also for the tip about Randy Britten. I got hay from him just a few weeks ago out of the field-good quality at a good price.

Candace Schaefer
College Station, TX

A few kind words about our kids camps


Monica Butters Sigler posted to 4M Horse Training
When Stormie said her prayer at supper time tonight this is how it went, "Dear Jesus, thank you for letting me go to horse camp today and having fun! And also thank you for letting me meet Pepsi! I love her very much!" Just thought you guys would enjoy that! Thanks for all your hard work! Can't wait for tomorrow!
Just wanted to thank you both for a great week of camp. The boys really had a good time. They learned a lot and can’t wait to have a horse of their own. I especially wanted to thank you for your encouragement to Joshua when he became so scared. I was glad that you got through to him and he was so happy to have overcome that fear. I really appreciated your compassion with him and encouragement to continue. The boys wished there was a week 2 so they could do more, we may be contacting you about private lessons in the future.

Thanks again,
Lisa LaFollette
College Station, TX

Dear Jenn and Chris, (2007)

I have to admit, I cried on the way home after realizing that my time with the horses was over for now. Thank you so much for offering this camp. I enjoyed getting to know you both and your family as well. If you ever need someone to watch the horses so that you can go on vacation PLEASE let me know. : )

I was wondering about publishing this review on the Heart and Robertson Cnty loops. Do you have any objections? Please reply. Blessings, Linda, Audrey and Vivian

Review of ‘lil Horsemanship Training Camp

My daughters (ages 8 and 6) finished attending the Horsemanship class offered by the Miceks. Personally, I would have liked to take the class myself... Perhaps others can return this sentiment. I offer this review for those wanting a contact with someone who had attended the workshop. – and perhaps continue in the joy of working with these intelligent animals vicariously.

The experience of being active participants in the training of several different horses was very rewarding for my daughters. They learned how to harness and lead a horse. They performed general maintenance required of a horse such as checking for cuts, brushing, cleaning hooves and bonding. A very interesting part of the week was spent learning about and participating in training the horses to be comfortable in different situations. (One example, we watched a horse show obvious signs of stress and uncertainty when we first walked over to him/her develop into signs of willingness to trust with appropriate contact.) And of course they learned how to bridle, saddle, and ride horses. (All new experiences for us.)

One last note from my daughters themselves, “We Love Horses” but not sure they want to get one. (That is just as well. : ) They made this comment from the awareness of the care necessary for bonding and caring for a horse.)

We are sad the week is over after getting to know these horses and the joy in learning to be horsewomen. Please let me know if you would like more information.

Thank you,
Linda Didsbury
Franklin, TX